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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Bugatti veyron


Bugatti veyron is equipped with a W 16 engine
Producing a power of 1001hp
Top speed of 400+ kph
Zero to 60 in three seconds
Zero to 180 in fourteen seconds
Price tag of $1.2 million range.
These are some of the specifications of veyron. This car tops the list for her uniqueness and laid a bookmark in the history of super cars.every thing which she is build with has some specialization .The innovative engineers and designers of bugatti had come across many problems in building such a passenger machine. Lets see about its features and uniqueness.

Engine specifications
The bugatti's only aim was to build a super efficient car producing a power of 1000 horse power so everything went back of this resolution.
To produce a 1000hp the shaft has to be rotated 6000rpm ( rotations per minute) but v-8 16 litre engine can produce only upto 2000 rpm of its maxi ,so a 48 litre engine can be used to achieve the speed. But it is highly impossible ,because huge pistons and shafts should be used which will not be applicable for a passenger car. 
The other thing is combustion of such a high quantity fuel will lead to loss of energy due to heat radiation. So this idea is a complete flop one. Then what did the engineers do? They thought differently and got two different ways than the previous one.
The first one was installing  turbochargers and the second one a W-16 engine.

To unlock the doors of success engineers had two best keys.The first thing to speak about is the Turbochargers.what does they mean to?,They brought a huge change in the size and working efficency of the engine. The turbo's pressurises much amount of air into the engine,so more fuel can be burnt and more power can be it helped to increase the rpm and they achieved the 1001hp from a W-16engine of 8-litre and not from an 16 litre .so bugatti upgraded and produced powerful cars from 8 litre engine.
Turbochargers worked stuffing a pressure of 18psi and 4 turbo's are placed around the engine,to produce more power. It doubled the power of the 8litre engine.

W-16 Engine
The other important key was the engine modulation of bugatti. To produce a 1000 horse power a powerful engine must be used, so they used a 16  cylindered engine ,to build that engine two 8 cylindered V-8 engines can be connected to a common shaft and can be driven. The two possible ways of arrangments of engines are by placing both V-8 engines in a linear way ( in the same line) else keeping it side by side. The second method was used before, what bugatti's innovaters did is, they merged two v-8 engines together and started running it.It was an huge success and the victory(v) of bugatti lies in this thought of the engineer' two V's(v8) got clubbed to produce a W(w 16).
These are some of the important features of bugatti veyron.

This post was completely about engine of veyron and its specifications.

In my next post ill let you know about its  Braking system,Transmission,Specializations of tyres,Aerodynamic wing,Interior and Exterior design of our super car.